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Career Opportunities at The Journey

The Journey is a thriving, growing organization with a continuous stream of career opportunities emerging as we seek to start new churches. Our pastors, leaders, and staff are here because God's called them to be here. As you pursue vocational ministry we hope you'll take the time to pray and trust God to lead you wherever he's called you to be, whether with us, or somewhere else.

We are always accepting applications. If you're a pastor or worship leader who is interested, please send a cover letter and rèsumé to

Open Positions

Type Status Posted

Pastor of Student Ministries

West CountyYouth Kids

The primary responsibility of the Pastor of Student Ministries is to oversee junior high, senior high and college age ministry and help them discover and use their God-given gifts in a lifetime of ministry. This position will serve as a spiritual leader and role model and be responsible to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to Student Ministry including evangelism, community groups, worship, discipleship including an emphasis on missional living. The Student Ministry Pastor will be responsible to equip and empower adult volunteers and interns to engage students with the truth and grace of Jesus Christ, meeting them in their context to build bridges and disciple them in a personal deepening relationship with Christ.

Additionally, the Pastor of Student Ministry will mentor and develop student ministry directors as he leads them in planning global Journey Student Ministry events across The Journey network. This position will also coordinate with the Family Pastor to equip parents as the primary spiritual leaders for their children.

Pastoral Full-time salaried 08/05/2013

Life at The Journey

Here’s a brief taste of life of what you’ll experience by being on staff at The Journey.

Working with others. The first thing that Jesus did when he began his ministry was build a team of people that he would lead and serve with. We think that people work best when they’re connected with others, so we work hard to make sure all our employees serve within a team.

High tech. But only if it helps you get the job done. At The Journey, we believe that technology can help us be more efficient in getting the message of Jesus out. We will help you discern what you need and then do our best to make sure you have it.

Constant growth. The team that Jesus originally assembled--the disciples--weren’t exactly perfect when they met Jesus. In fact, they were a bit of a mess. But Jesus used them anyway, transforming them into leaders of the people of God. Whether it’s becoming more like Jesus or becoming a more excellent plumber, we work with everyone on staff at The Journey to develop their gifts, talents, and abilities so they can be more effective ambassadors for Jesus.

Benefits for today and tomorrow. We don’t play games with your health or your future if you come work at The Journey. All our full-time employees have major medical insurance and we offer a competitive retirement matching program.

Work hard. Rest hard. People sign up to work at a place like The Journey because they care. They want to see people learn to love Jesus better and they spend all their time pursuing that. We don’t want to ever see people burn out, though, which is why we want our staff to take a weekly Sabbath and offer plenty of flexible vacation time.

Fun. It’s a serious business we’re in but we try not to take ourselves seriously. We cultivate a working environment that is fun and enjoyable to be in. And we hope you’ll join us.