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What is a Community Group?

The Journey is made up of hundreds of small communities spread out across the Midwest, focused on living life together while serving Jesus and their neighborhoods.

Community in the Bible takes a lot of forms, but here are a few themes:

The Body of Christ

The Bible says that the church is Christ’s body, which means that it is the visible, local, and public expression of God’s love for the world. Just as a body has parts that do different things, so the Bible says the church’s individual members all have specific roles to fill. Our Community Groups are places where people work together to figure out how they can each use their gifts and talents for Jesus.

Serve Our City

We believe that as Christians, God has called us to love our neighbor, whoever they are, whatever they believe, and whatever they need. Our Community Groups and their members serve our region together, meeting needs as they arise and striving to make their neighborhoods a better place.


Whether you're a Christian or not, you’re welcome to visit and join our community groups. Think of our groups as gathering points for friends: they’re not exclusive, you won’t be left out, and they won’t be awkward.

Care for One Another

The Bible speaks of the church as a family, as people whose lives have intertwined with each other because of Jesus. Families take care of each other when they need help, which is what the first Christians in the early church exemplified. Our community groups strive to model the same sacrificial love, helping each other in all the ways a family would when needs arise.

More Like Jesus

The goal of our communities is much more than having coffee and a good time (though that's often included). We want to be more like Jesus, and learning how to do that is at the heart of our time together. Our groups are devoted to sharpening one another, to exploring together, and to helping each other live more like Jesus every day.