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Equipping Disciples

Our pathway to membership is designed to better equip you to stay active as a disciple of Jesus. Becoming a member enables the church to walk beside you and help you live a life that's pleasing to God while you help others to do the same. Our membership process involves a Newcomer Dinner, Engage Class, and Foundations Class, which we recommend taking in that order.

Newcomer Dinner

Newcomer Dinner is a great, initial step to help get you connected with members and other new attenders while learning a bit about the history of The Journey.

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Foundations Class

Our Foundations Class will help you understand the fundamentals of what we believe about Jesus, the Bible, and our mission as a church.

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Engage Class

The Engage class touches more deeply on our beliefs as a church, covering everything from theology to discipleship. It is the final step to move you into membership.

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