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Tower Grove Equip Classes | Spring 2016

Spring Equip classes begin February 18th and run through March 10th. To sign up for classes and/or childcare, click the button below.

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For the Spring Semester, we're offering three different classes.

Christianity 101
Doubting God
Spiritual Disciplines

Doubting God

Taught by Jeremy Bedenbaugh & Tim Holley

Week 1 | Doubting God: Goodness
If God is So Good Why Am I Suffering?

Week 2 | Doubting God: Arrogance
Is Jesus the only way to God?

Week 3 | Doubting God: The Resurrection
Can We Prove that Jesus Rose from the Dead?

Week 4 | Doubting God: The Bible
Is the Bible Unreliable?

Christianity 101

Taught by Jeremiah Stutte, Tim Holley, James Westbrook, and William Davie

Week 1 | The Story of the Bible
What is the story of the Bible and how does it all fit together?

Week 2 | The Authority of the Bible
What is in the Bible and why should I trust it?

Week 3 | Trinity
Who is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

Week 4 | Daily Living
How does Christianity affect my life?

Spiritual Disciplines

Taught by Eric Miller, Steve Brewer, and Joel Steele

Week 1 | Worshipping God in Prayer
How do I experience God through solitude and prayer?

Week 2 | Worshipping God in Rest
What does it mean to sabbath and how do I worship God as I rest?

Week 3 | Worshipping God in Scripture
How do I study, grow, and experience God as I read the Bible?

Week 4 |Worshipping God in Community
How do I live out what I believe through discipleship and missional relationships?