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Bumper Bag Sunday

Event Starting At: October 8, 2017 at 8:30am
By Scott Hickox

The second Sunday of each month you have the opportunity to fill a bag with needed food items for the Food Bank. When you arrive, place the bag behind your car and we'll pick them up while you are in service.
Here are our current needs:
· canned fruit/fruit cups
· powdered/packaged dry milk
· cereal
· oatmeal packets
· jelly (in plastic jars)
· peanut butter
· crackers/graham crackers
· pretzels
· raisins
· granola bars
· rice/boxed potatoes/noodles
· dried/canned beans
· canned meats (excluding tuna)
· complete boxed meals (Tuna Helper, etc)
· pasta sauces (canned only)
· canned veggies (other than Green Beans)
· soup (canned/packaged)
· stew/chili/chicken & dumplings
· vienna sausages
· corned beef hash
· applesauce
· mac & cheese (boxed & individual)
· personal hygiene products
· baby food/formula
· hand sanitizer/soap
· clorox wipes
(Bolded items are the highest need)
*Please be sure to only donate items that are not expired.
**Please avoid donating items in glass jars.