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JS | Fight The New Drug

Event Starting At: March 23, 2017 at 6:30pm
By Cory Ball

My name is Cory Ball and I am the student pastor at The Journey for our West County location. I am on a board of student pastors across STL in partnership with First Light ministries to promote a healthy Christian sexual ethic to our Church's students and their friends. We meet once a month to discuss issues and overcome problems our students are facing in the area of sexual ethics. We would love for you to join this sizeable and growing group if you are interested. Just ask and I will get you information about our meetings. Now onto the real business...

My reason in writing to you today is to invite you to the Fight The New Drug or FTND event on March 23rd at 6:30PM, at Central Presbyterian Church in Clayton.

If you are not familiar with FTND please visit their website. This group is dedicated to educating teens on thedangers of pornography mainly through scientific research and statistics and celebrity testimonies. They really focus on the negative attention that pornographic use has gotten in non-faith streams like GQ magazine, Men's Health magazine, MTV interviews and other similar avenues. FTND is a non-faith based group with non-faith-based programming. Thier stuff isn't cheesy or shame based. (Two things I want to make sure of before sending my students toward an organization or a resource.) The group is doing some school assemblies earlier in the day throughout parts of STL before the event at Central Pres on the 23rd.

We think this event will be a great one to encourage entire small groups to go to. For us, we are canceling our original Sunday night programming following the event to encourage our students to attend with their small group leaders. And if you know the statistics then you know that this is a topic that reaches our female students as well as our male students and it often reaches our students at ages of 10 and under. We would love for you to promote the event and work together to fight this drug. Email any questions to