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Meet Our Staff

Steve Brewer

Director of Ministry Support

AJ Wallace

IT Specialist

Why are you at The Journey?
I love that The Journey is not about putting on a great production on Sunday. It's a place where I, as a broken sinner, can come and feel accepted by other broken sinners; and we see God's grace work in and through our brokenness. It's also a place that sees the hurt and anguish in the city, and actively seeks ways to participate in healing. Ultimately, I'm at The Journey because it is a church that is committed to connecting people to Jesus and equipping those people to live out God's mission in their lives.

What do you love about St. Louis?
My love for St. Louis can be summed up in two points: It's rich history and cultural diversity, and the awesome opportunities for development and cultivation that exist here.

As far as the history goes, the 1904 World's Fair and its affect on the city stand out to me particularly. It's so cool to think about St. Louis being such a prestigious place that it would be chosen to host this international exhibition after it's humble beginnings as a trading post. Now, over a century later, St. Louis may not be as world-renowned as it once was, but the ground is fertile! There are all kinds of cool startups sprouting up, the arts are seeping their way into old neighborhoods, and there's really no need to go to a chain restaurant with all the awesome local dining options.

Arthur Bishop

Director of Technology

Why are you at The Journey?
My wife and I are passionate about St. Louis being transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has called us to The Journey to be a fundamental part of how the Gospel is growing in this area. Building relationships, planting churches, sharing Christ and growing disciples in the context of St. Louis is our call.

What do you love about St. Louis?
Cardinals baseball, dynamic neighborhoods, free stuff and amazing people.

Audrey Van Deraa

Accounting Administrator

Why are you at The Journey?
God so clearly called my husband and me to move from Chicagoland to St. Louis. We were invited to attend Hanley Road with a friend and immediately felt at home. The Lord has surrounding us with a wonderful church community and grown our hearts for this city. He answered so many of our prayers by opening the door to this accounting position in ministry. I could not be more thrilled to be part of a wonderful team of Christ-centered individuals serving this city.

What do you love about St. Louis?
St. Louis has quickly grown to feel like home. There are so many wonderful neighborhoods to explore and restaurants to taste. We have felt so welcome in this place and are continually amazed at how the Lord continues to surround us with community here.

Ben Whetstone

Facilities Services Manager

Why are you at The Journey?
I am at The Journey to work, serve, and spread the love and good news of Jesus.

What do you love about St. Louis?
I love the people, restaurants, and breweries.

Debbie Byrd

Accounting Clerk

Why are you at The Journey?
To be a part of spreading the Good News of Christ to the city, the country, and the world.

What do you love about St. Louis?
It's a small, big city and so many activites, like the zoo, are free.

Jim Wallace

Pastor for Leader Development

Why are you at The Journey?
The Lord led our family on a winding, global journey of following Jesus for many years ... and we wound up at The Journey in St. Louis. We only progressively understand His reasons. It is clear, however, that the vision and values of The Journey resonate with us. We desire to see Jesus exalted among the nations, His people deepen in the gospel, and the good news extended to others. Our Journey family desires the same thing.

What do you love about St. Louis?
The people in St. Louis! I have an amazing array of relationships at church, in our neighborhood, and at my workplaces. So many diverse, beautiful people. We're all seeking 'the good life,' and it is a privilege to know, enjoy and learn from such friends. I also enjoy the St. Louis parks system, especially when with three ladies--my wife and daughters.

Kim Maple

Ministry Support Project Lead

Why are you at The Journey?
I have found extreme satisfaction and fulfillment in the variety of roles I have worked in at The Journey. I'm honored that God would use me as a vessel in the extending and enlarging of his work through our wonderful church. I hear the gospel each and every week and it has transformed my thinking, motivation and identity. For too many years my identity as a Christian was "how good am I" and "how much am I doing" all of course, in the name of Christ.

What do you love about Southern Illinois?
Southern Illinois represents a new season in life for me. How incredible it is to find purpose and friendship in a new community. The people have been so kind and generous in their acceptance, hospitality and affirmations. Of course, I LOVE the lake, but the people are what endears me most.

Melissa Weseloh

Human Resources Generalist

Micah Carter

Video & Lighting Production Specialist

Why are you at The Journey?
Upon relocating to St. Louis and searching for a new church home, my wife and I were drawn to The Journey's effective blend of our previous church experiences. We appreciated the church's efforts to be relevant to today's culture while remaining rooted in biblical doctrine. The way in which the gospel is presented along with the church's desire to be a positive presence in the community and in the world, makes The Journey a joy to be a part of.

What do you love about St. Louis?
After growing up in a small town, I love being surrounded by so many popular St. Louis attractions. We are never far from a fun park, a cool coffee shop or a great restaurant, not to mention the Zoo, City Museum, Science Center and, of course, Cardinals baseball! A fun day for the family is never hard to plan in St. Louis!

Pam Wood


Why are you at The Journey?
I am at The Journey because I believed in Darrin's vision to plant a church here in St. Louis. So I joined up with him and a few other scraggly young ones and have been here ever since.

What do you love about St. Louis?
I love the Botanical Gardens and feeding the fish in the Japanese Garden.

Ross Jordan

Facilities Manager

Why are you at The Journey?
There's no better way that I know of to serve God with the gifts and talents that he's given me, than through the local church. I honestly felt called here.

What do you love about St. Louis?
Saint Louis is my home town. Big city livin' with a small town feel. There's also a huge variety of affordable (if not free) places to go and things to do. I also love the history and architecture of Saint Louis.

Stephen Hess

Research Assistant to Preaching & Theology