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Meet Our Staff

Tim Holley

Lead Pastor

Why are you at The Journey?
I’m at the Journey because it is a church that is intentional about proclaiming the gospel, investing in people’s lives, and redeeming our world. I love that it seeks to engage people by pointing them to the hope that we have in Christ. I’m humbled that the Lord would allow me an opportunity to be part of that mission.

What do you love about St. Louis?
St. Louis is home. I love it because it has been a place that has been central to significant events and people in my life.

Devin Larue

Production Manager

Diane Tarr

Care Coordinator

Why are you at The Journey?
My being at The Journey is evidence of God’s faithfulness to me and his providence in my life.

What do you love about St. Louis?
My favorite thing about living in St. Louis is being 15 minutes away from really great musical artists I get to see live. We have amazing venues like The Fox, Peabody and The Pageant to name a few, and amazing artists swing through STL all the time!

Eric Gregory

Pastor of Care & Counseling

Why are you at The Journey?
A few different reasons. For one, I believe that God wants me and my family here. And second, the men and women I have encountered in leadership here truly love Jesus and want to serve him and have a hunger to know him more deeply. They also love people and want to serve them.

What do you love about St. Louis?
Other than the fact that it produced Nelly? It has some of the best restaurants, museums, and parks anywhere in the country. Plus, it’s just home now.

Hilary Seaman

Church Administrator

Why are you at The Journey?
I feel called to The Journey because I believe in the vision of The Journey and I am excited to work here alongside others who feel that call, as well! God has given me so much through his grace and I want others to experience this!

What do you love about St. Louis?
I love a lot of things about St. Louis. I love the zoo, the botanical gardens, experiencing all four seasons, the museums, the paddle boats in Forest Park and the food! I also love that this is where my husband and I call home!

Jeff Hutchings

Pastor of Connections

Why are you at The Journey?
I feel called to The Journey because of the people of St. Louis and to equip the saints to care for kids. God talks much in scripture about the importance of the next generation. My hope is that the people at The Journey will value the next generation as much as God does.

What do you love about St. Louis?
I love the people. St. Louis is a city that people, for the most part, are courteous to one another. Whether it's waving at people on the train at the zoo or the tradition at Busch Stadium, there is a common respect that I see here that I have not experienced in other cities. Also, there are so many things to do in the community for free. Our city offers many ways for people and families to enrich their lives that other cities do not.

John Chung

Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Why are you at The Journey?
I feel called by God to The Journey to join in the transformation of lives in St. Louis that are surrendered to the lordship of Jesus in worship, community, and mission.

What do you love about St. Louis?
St. Louis is my home! I was married here and my children were born here. Add in some of the best BBQ joints in america, amazing parks, and even more amazing people. I love St. Louis!

Josh Ragland

Resident Youth Coordinator

Kerry Knuckey

Journey Kids Director

Why are you at the Journey?
I serve as the Journey Kids Coordinator for Tower Grove and I'm responsible for creating engaging learning environments for our Journey Kids ministry. I love that children have the opportunity to learn from God's Word and build community with friends and teachers. It is the mission of Journey Kids that the Gospel would be cultivated in the lives of every child who comes through our doors.

What do you love about St. Louis?
I love that St. Louis has so much to offer. Some of my favorite places are the St. Louis Zoo and the Missouri Botanical Gardens. There are so many unique neighborhoods that have great restaurants and shops. There are great festivals, too. There is so much to discover and almost everything is a 10-15 minute drive.

Miriam Hendrickson

Volunteer & Operations Coordinator

Why are you at The Journey?
I work here because God called me here.

What do you love about St. Louis?
The Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite places! When alone it is my own secret garden, with friends listening to live, free music with a summer picnic and with my kids in their interactive park. I also really enjoyed their ECO-ACT program in high school where I was engaged with leadership, St. Louis and the environment.

Russ Mohr

Worship Leader

Why are you at The Journey?
I'm excited to be at the Journey because the mission, vision, and values of the church really resonate with how I understand God and the Gospel. It's a church that is seeking to do God's work of restoring a broken world; a church that invests and serves the local neighborhood(s); a church that promotes the arts, music and creativity; a church that celebrates diversity. It's a place where my family and I can experience the beauty and power of the Gospel and grow in community.

What do you love about St. Louis?
I love St. Louis. I believe it has so much to offer. It's full of culture and beauty, creativity, great people and great experiences. I love the emphasis on community in St. Louis, the parks, family events, great food. It's got everything a large metropolitan city has to offer, but with the charm and laid back style of a small Mid-west town. It's such a great place to raise kids, and there are so many fun things for families to do for free! I love that the people enjoy St. Louis and take pride in supporting local establishments, businesses and the arts. It's also a great sports town, and we have the best zoo in the world!