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Roundtable Discussion - Ferguson, Race, & Privilege

Pastor Darrin Patrick sat down with members of The Journey from various backgrounds to discuss race, privilege, and the events in Ferguson. If you'd like to host a roundtable discussion at your church, here are some insights on how to make it happen.

Part 1

Part 2

Cason grew up in south Chicago where he witnessed gang violence on a regular basis, attending the funerals of several childhood friends. He is a military veteran and personal trainer who is equally critical of blacks and whites.

Tim is a military veteran who grew up in Jefferson County, MO before moving to Indonesia. Tim now resides in North St. Louis near the Ferguson area and is an account executive for a marketing firm.

Mary grew up in North St. Louis where she often spent nights dumpster-diving to help feed her family of six. She is now married to a white man from Tennessee; together, they minister to inner-city youth in North St. Louis.

Sabrine comes from a multi-racial background. She majored in African American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis and now speaks at and leads seminars in diversity training.