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Register now for the next Redemption Group Immersion at The Journey West County on January 17-20, 2014. Scroll down to view the schedule for the weekend.

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What is a Redemption Group Immersion (RGI)?

RGI includes all the components of an extended, nine-week Redemption Group but is greatly condensed into four consecutive days, making it accessible to people who would not often be able to attend an extended Redemption Group due to involvement in other ministries. Target participants are pastors, elders, staff, ministry leaders and high-level volunteers. They come from the Journey as well as other churches across the nation, and many are looking to learn more about Redemption Groups or perhaps even launch Redemption Groups at their homebase. While there is slightly more emphasis on training, group members are, first and foremost, participants. Immersion into the Redemption Group experience is the best and primary means of preparing to become an effective Redemption Group leader. Immersions provide opportunity to grow in biblical understanding and discernment in the context of a group of believers. This is of benefit personally, as well as for future Redemption Group leadership or leadership in other ministries.

Please note that RGI is one step of many in the process of launching Redemption Groups in your church or organization. If you are interested in learning more, please check out the Redemption Group "Get Started" page at (link:

Will meals be provided?

Yes. All meals, including snacks and beverages, will be served throughout the Immersion, with the exception of some select dinners and lunches. You can check the schedule to find out which meals are/aren't provided. There are lots of restaurants around the church, and we have included a list on this site - or just grab any St. Louisian for some good recommendations.

If you have any questions about Redemption Groups or the Immersion itself, please contact Erin Karandish at


6:00-7:00pm Registration
7:00-7:45pm Large Group Session 1
7:45-9:15pm Small Group Session 1
9:15pm Dismissal
8:00-9:00am Coffee and breakfast provided
9:00-9:45am Large Group Session 2
9:45-11:15am Small Group Session 2
11:15am-12:45pm BREAK FOR LUNCH
12:45-1:30pm Large Group Session 3
1:30-3:00pm Small Group 3
3:00-3:15 BREAK
3:15-4:00pm Large Group Session 4
4:00-5:30pm Small Group 4
5:30-7:00pm BREAK FOR DINNER (provided)
7:00-7:45pm Large Group Session 5
7:45-9:15pm Small Group 5
9:15m Dismissal


1:30-2:05pm Large Group Session 6
2:05-3:35pm Small Group 6
3:35-3:50pm BREAK (provided)
3:50-4:35pm Large Group Session 7
4:35-6:05pm Small Group 7
6:05-7:35pm BREAK FOR DINNER (provided)
7:35-8:20pm Large Group Session 8
8:20-9:50pm Small Group 8
9:50pm Dismissal
8:00-9:00am Coffee and breakfast provided
9:00-9:45am Large Group Session 9
9:45-11:15am Small Group 9
11:15-12:45pm BREAK FOR LUNCH (provided)
12:45-1:30pm Large Group Session 10
1:30-3:00pm Small Group 10
3:00-3:15pm BREAK
3:15-5:00pm Large Group CELEBRATION
5:00pm Dismissal

Where to Eat