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Evidences of Grace

By Curtis Gilbert

Hello Church!

I started off 2016 with a sermon that discussed celebrating evidences of God’s grace in our lives. Since then, our members have taken time at our last two meetings to list out where they are seeing God’s faithfulness. We’ve gathered some of those responses and attached them to a board in the lobby you may have noticed.

On Sunday, I invited the whole church to be a part of this and share what the Lord is doing in your lives. So, this week, please take a moment and reflect on where you are experiencing God’s grace.  For me, God is giving me a deep sense of peace & rest in a tumultuous season of life and ministry.  For others, we’ve heard about revitalized marriages, the quiet faithfulness of the Lord’s peace, relatives who have come to know Jesus, and much more. These stories serve to not only encourage those who are immediately involved but also stir the hearts of the church with affection for Christ.

Feel free to listen (or re-listen) to my January 3 sermon introducing this idea.  You can find it HERE

To assist you, we’ve provided blank 3×5 cards at church in the pews and at the Welcome Center.  I hope you’ll take a few moments to tell us where you’re seeing the Lord in your life. Completed cards can then be dropped in the basket below the Evidence of Grace board or turned in at the Welcome Center.

Join me in encouraging each other with evidences of the Lord’s goodness to us!


Pastor Curtis

P.S. If you have any issues identifying evidences of grace, feel free to take a look at the attached document with a list of examples.