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Meet Our Staff

Rusty Maple

Lead Pastor

Why are you at The Journey?
My heart has inclined towards vocational ministry for a long time. My Pastor helped me discern a "late in life calling" and a friend helped me understand my role as one called to "live for others." I am thankful for our church and the honor I have to serve in a pastoral role.

What do you love about Southern Illinois?
From the first day I arrived in Southern Illinois to serve, as interim Pastor, my heart has been with the people of Southern Illinois. I love the relational warmth and sincerity of the people. We have not only a new calling and a new assignment, we have new friendships and are blessed to be part of this new community. And yes, the rich history of Southern Illinois is intriguing and endearing.

Bryce Van Deraa

Director of Journey Kids & Youth

Jason Magers

Director of Worship

Why are you at The Journey?
I love to see lives changed when they are confronted with their sin and turn to Jesus.

What do you love about St. Louis?
St. Louis has diverse communities and cultures in every corner. I love to explore new things and there is plenty to learn and experience here.

Keith Clawson

Coordinator of Church Operations