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Joel Steele

Why are you at the Journey?
We came for the teaching and stayed for the coffee. Then we felt called to invest in the vision by engaging people and our community in gospel conversation so that our neighborhoods and city could be transformed. This place is led by imperfect people who are serious about heralding the scandalous truth of the gospel and is filled by people I love.

What do you love about St. Louis?
As a transplant, I have an inexplicable romantic relationship with this city. I love running through the old neighborhoods and imaging what they were like in their heyday and envisioning them getting back there again. I love the architecture and the craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection the builders must have had when crafting these beautiful old brick homes. I love the eclectic group of individual neighborhoods, the many great places to eat & drink, great city parks, and cultural attractions that a big city offers…but also that I can get anywhere I need in twenty minutes and that my neighborhood is like a small town. St. Louis feels like a scrappy underdog on the verge of a breakthrough. Who doesn’t like an underdog?